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Anthony Braxton / Matt Bauder
Modern composition for quartet

Aram Shelton
Arrive, with Jason Adasiewicz, Jason Roebke and Tim Daisy

Singer-songwriter indie jazz/prog-rock

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb
An international performer, an explorer of sound and seeker of musical adventures

Butcher / Masaoka / Robair
John Butcher, Miya Masaoka and Gino Robair: a sax-koto-percussion conversation

A romantic hybrid of flamenco, jazz, and beautiful pop melodies

Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor's New York-based trio, Circle Down, with pianist Angelica Sanchez and bassist Chris Lightcap

Chris Massey
Jazz & blues drummer Chris Massey has been performing on the American and European creative music scenes for many years

Versatile Chicago musicians abiding in an ocean of sound

Comfort is Leonardo Chirulli, Fabio Elia and Alessandro Baris

Conference Call
Gebhard Ullmann, Michael Jefry Stevens, Joe Fonda and George Schuller

Courage with Robert Creeley
Chris Massey, John Mills and Steve Swallow with Robert Creeley in a collaboration of jazz and poetry

Dana Reason
Dana Reason is a Canadian-born pianist, composer, improviser and musicologist

Dave Rempis
The Rempis Percussion Quartet with Tim Daisy, Frank Rosaly and Anton Hatwich; The Dave Rempis Quartet with Jason Roebke, Jim Baker and Tim Daisy

Dave Rempis / Frank Rosaly
Half of the Rempis Percussion Quartet with "more freedom to explore divergent styles and dynamic extremes than in the RPQ." (Chicago Reader)

Document Chicago
Representing the undercurrent of the new Chicago jazz scene

Exciting Trio
In Windy City fashion, The Exciting Trio blur the lines between jazz-improv and indie rock

Fire of Space
Inspired by sources ranging from Sun Ra to marching bands to traditional musics from Eastern Europe and India

Fonda / Stevens Group
This powerful acoustic NYC based jazz ensemble features the music of bassist Joe Fonda and pianist Michael Jefry Stevens

Francois Carrier Trio
avec Pierre Côté, Michel Lambert

George Schuller
George Schuller freelances in the New York City area and leads his own groups including The Schulldogs, Chump Change, Jigsaw, and Orange Then Blue

Greg Burk
Boston pianist-composer now residing in Italy with releases also available on Soul Note

Grey Ghost
Grey Ghost is Aram Shelton and Johnathan Crawford

Harris Eisenstadt
One of only a handful of drummers equally well-known for his work as a composer, Eisenstadt is among the most versatile and prolific musicians of his generation.

Herculaneum features veteran members of the Chicago jazz, improvised music, and experimental rock communities.

Jason Adasiewicz
Jason Adasiewicz's association with 482 Music includes recordings with Aram Shelton, Harris Eisenstadt and Mike Reed, and of course Rolldown

Jason Ajemian
Daydream Full Lifestyles

Jason Roebke
Rapid Croche is Aram Shelton, Tim Daisy and Jason Roebke

Joelle Leandre / Mark Nauseef
WDR recording in Eupen, Belgium

Kyle Bruckmann
Oboist Kyle Bruckmann recently relocated to San Francisco from Chicago, where he had become a fixture in that city’s thriving experimental music scene.

Matana Roberts / Josh Abrams / Chad Taylor
Chicago Underground's Chad Taylor, Town and Country's Josh Abrams and AACM's Matana Roberts: "...the sort of transcendent musicality and versatility that has characterized the development of free jazz”

Matt Bauder
Weary Already of the Way is Matt Bauder, Aram Shelton, Jeb Bishop, Todd Margasak, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Jason Roebke

Matt Ulery
Matt Ulery's Loom

Sublimely beautiful, gently melodic, cascading patterns and drones

Memorize the Sky
Matt Bauder, Zach Wallace, Aaron Siegel

Michel Lambert
Percussionist Michel Lambert is the descendant of a virtual dynasty of classical musicians in Quebec

Mike McGinnis
Mike McGinnis is an American saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer.

Mike Reed
Mike Reed is a musician, composer and presenter based in Chicago.

Modo Trio
The Modo Trio with Jamie Saft

My Silence
Nick Butcher, Jason Stein and Mike Reed, with Sharon Van Etten.

Nat Reeves
Nat Reeves moves to center stage to lead a program of lively straight-ahead jazz

Natto Quartet
Natto Quartet create music that blends traditional Japanese instruments and textures with electronics and modern classical forms in an improvised setting

Nicole Mitchell / Tomeka Reid / Mike Reed
Songs of the AACM for its 50th year

Paul Giallorenzo
Chicago based pianist, composer and organizer

Roscoe Mitchell / Mike Reed

Rosenberg / Baker / Hatwich / Daisy
Scott Rosenberg returns to Chicago to join forces with three of the city's most visible improvisers

Scott Fields Ensemble
with Matt Turner and Guillermo Gregorio

Formed by the Chicago-based cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm; with Stockholm's Sofia Jernberg, Patric Thorman, Emil Strandberg and David Stackenäs

Stirrup is Fred Lonberg-Holm, Nick Macri and Charles Rumback

Taylor Ho Bynum
Taylor Ho Bynum has established a reputation as a unique musical voice willing to take chances in a wide variety of contexts; currently a member of Anthony Braxton's groups and Cecil Taylor's Orchestra Humane, among many other projects

Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwara
Long time collaborators in a program of duets

The Space Between
Pauline Oliveros, Philip Gelb and Dana Reason are one of the more inventive collectives in improvisational music: shakuhachi, piano, accordion

The Treehouse Project
A thoroughly unique blend of jazz ideology, indie rock attitude and roots music flavor

Tom Abbs & Frequency Response
with Oscar Noriega, Alex Harding, Jean Cook, Okkyung Lee, Chad Taylor

Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up
The Hook Up is Mary Halvorson, Brian Settles, Jonathan Finlayson and Trevor Dunn

Tyshawn Sorey
New York based drummer and composer

Vinkeloe / Cremaschi / Masaoka / Robair
Biggi Vinkeloe, George Cremaschi, Miya Masaoka, Gino Robair

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