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Greg Burk
Greg Burk has lived and performed all over the world, establishing himself both as a vital sideman/composer and a bandleader with the rare ability to combine memorable original compositions with a desire to push the creative envelope as an improviser. Before moving to Rome in June 2004, he was a longtime member of the Boston music scene, where he built his reputation teaching at Boston's Berklee College of Music, performing/composing with bands such as the Either/Orchestra, and leading his own groups featuring jazz luminaries including Jerry Bergonzi, Gerald Cleaver, Garrison Fewell and Bob Moses among many others. Critics have called him an "exceptional pianist/composer" (All Music Guide), "a pianist with a gift for melody and a generous touch that makes you want to like him" (LA Weekly), and "a pianist and composer with vigorous, freewheeling ideas that always feel grounded within a well-reasoned structure" (Boston Herald). reviewer Budd Kopman writes, "Burk has in himself, and strives to bring out in his sidemen, that which I consider one of the highest achievements in jazz: the ability to be rhythmically free, while all the time maintaining audible contact with the prevailing pulse, giving the impression that he could touch down onto it whenever he wants."
The Path Here
The Path Here (2011)
Burk travels forward into his past on a relaxed and melodic album that is his most immediately accessible.
"This is a most exciting and consistently crafty piano trio, certainly one of this year's best offerings." - Downtown Music Gallery
Many Worlds
Many Worlds (2009)
On his fourth release for 482, Burk expands and refines concepts from his earlier work in startling new ways.
"A startlingly original improviser..." - AAJ
"Zealously recommended..." -
The Way In
The Way In (2006)
Burk's solo piano debut
"Recommended New Release" - All About Jazz New York
"This is an excellent solo piano offering." - Downtown Music Gallery
"Burk has always been the type of pianist to incorporate a wide array of references, although now they're completely subsumed into a personal voice.."- AAJ
Ivy Trio
Ivy Trio (2007)
Featuring Jonathan Robinson and Luther Gray
"Burk has always been the type of pianist to incorporate a wide array of references, although now they're completely subsumed into a personal voice.." - AAJ
Nothing, Knowing
Nothing, Knowing (2005)
Burk's 482 Music debut and follow-up to his first two recordings as a leader on Italy's legendary Soul Note label. With Steve Swallow and Bob Moses.
"Without a doubt, one of the finest piano trio offerings I've heard in a long while." - Downtown Music Gallery

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"Pianist Greg Burk may only be known to a small group of listeners, but that\'s a situation that should change..." — All About Jazz

"He makes it clear that he belongs in the esteemed company of his labelmates, with tightly knit compositions that command the attention of both his sidemen as well as listeners." — One Final Note

"He plays with the inquisitive drive of an experimentalist, yet with the relaxed authority of a mainstreamer. Instrumentalist without fault, Burk never lets his fingers dictate the music, allowing his expressive urge to emerge in asymmetrical phrases under the vigilance of his solid creative process." — Musica Jazz (Italy)

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