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Scott Fields Ensemble
It has been said that Ken Vandermark plays in 40 groups whose members are drawn from a pool of just 12 musicians. I take the opposite approach. Although as a leader I perform with a number of line-ups, I call them all The Scott Fields Ensemble, largely in homage to the Art Ensemble of Chicago. I think of the ensemble as consisting of everyone who has performed or recorded with the group at any time. Although not all members are present at any given performance or recording, they are there in spirit when not corporeal. The ensemble includes Carrie Biolo (vibraphone), Michael Bisio (contrabass), Geoff Brady (percussion), Kyle Bruckmann (oboe, English horn), Marilyn Crispell (piano), Matt Turner (cello), Vincent Davis (percussion), Stephen Dembski (conduction), Hamid Drake (percussion), Gerry Hemingway (percussion), Elizabeth Falconer (koto), Michael Formanek (contrabass), Guillermo Gregorio (alto saxophone, clarinet), Fran├žois Houle (clarinet), Robbie Hunsinger (oboe, English horn), Derek James (trombone), Raymond Kaczynski (percussion), Greg Kelley (trumpet), Peggy Lee (cello), Rob Mazurek (cornett), Myra Melford (piano), Larry Ochs (saxophone), Joseph Jarman (saxophone), John Padden (contrabass), Ed Pias (percussion), Jeff Parker (guitar), Donald Robinson (percussion), Damon Short (percussion), Robert Stright (vibraphone), Hans Sturm (contrabass), Dylan van der Schyff (percussion), and Michael Zerang (percussion).
christangelfox (2004)
with Matt Turner and Guillermo Gregorio "... the metal and the wood percussion get into animated discussion while Gregorio curls, twists and blows breathy notes. ...breathtaking..." - AAJ

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Scott Fields

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