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Dave Rempis
Critics have called Dave Rempis "one of the busiest and most versatile jazz musicians in Chicago" (Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader), "a ferocious virtuoso improviser" (Marc Meyers, and "a young veteran of Chicago's experimental music scene who has been establishing a vividly recognizable voice of his own" (Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune). In addition to his well documented sideman work, he leads/co-leads groups such as Triage, The Engines, The Rempis/Daisy Duo, and The Dave Rempis Quartet. Founded in April 2004, The Rempis Percussion Quartet draws on a wide range of influences, including West African and Latin American rhythms, funk and free jazz, to create spontaneous music driven by unrestrained energy and a focus on ensemble motion.
Montreal Parade
Montreal Parade (2011)
The Rempis Percussion Quartet
with drummers Tim Daisy and Frank Rosaly and bassist Ingebrigt HÃ¥ker Flaten
"Rempis is already a respected and valuable figure in Chicago jazz, but Montreal Parade makes a case that he's still underrated." - The Chicago Reader
Hunter-Gatherers (2007)
The Rempis Percussion Quartet
Document Chicago #13
A two-disc live set
"Rempis is the talent to watch." - All About Jazz NY
" of free jazz's most shining accomplishment this year..." - WNUR
Rip Tear Crunch
Rip Tear Crunch (2006)
The Rempis Percussion Quartet
with drummers Tim Daisy and Frank Rosaly and bassist Anton Hatwich
"...this might be the best new jazz band in town." - Chicago Reader
Out of Season
Out of Season (2004)
The Dave Rempis Quartet
Document Chicago #5
Recorded live at 3030 in Chicago
"Intense and coiled, the quartet meshes perfectly as sound is churned on the turnstiles of a whetted imagination..." - All About Jazz

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"Rempis played a set that yielded more musical ideas, complexity of thought and relentless invention than one typically encounters in a weeks\' worth of concert-going." — Chicago Tribune

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