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Jason Roebke

Jason Roebke is a bassist and composer living in Chicago. He is active in the groups tigersmilk (Rob Mazurek and Dylan van der Schyff), The Valentine Trio (Fred Lonberg-Holm and Glenn Kotche), Terminal 4 (Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jeb Bishop, Ben Vida), and his own Rapid Croche (Aram Shelton and Tim Daisy). In 2002, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival invited him to perform with Francois Houle, Han Bennink, Marc Ducret, Gail Brand's Lunge, and others. Roebke collaborates with dancer Ayako Kato in the group Art Union Humanscape. While in Japan, he has also performed with musicians Taku Sugimoto, Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Masahiko Okura, and Utah Kawasaki. Roebke has recorded for Atavistic, CRI, Family Vineyard, Improvised Music From Japan, nuscope, and Truckstop.

Flesh & Bone
Flesh & Bone (2017)
Our first mistake was to trust a stranger...
"...shines its light through a fog of bewilderment and outrage - moving from Mingus-esque miniature arrangements to open-air improvisations to the occasional splash of spoken-word poetry." - The NY Times
People Places and Things: A New Kind of Dance
People Places and Things: A New Kind of Dance (2015)
"...the earthy, driving intelligence... points back to Chicago jazz culture, which sees no contradiction in heady abstraction with a bodily groove." - NY Times
"You can always count on Mike Reed to jar your neural network on a per-album basis." - AAJ
People Places and Things: Second Cities Volume 1
People Places and Things: Second Cities Volume 1 (2013)
PP&T is joined by some of the masters of the Dutch improvised music scene.
"...the group’s most diverse record to date." - Chicago Reader
""They have never sounded more ebullient... like a couple of Labradors charging around a muddy field..." - The Wire
People Places and Things: Clean on the Corner
People Places and Things: Clean on the Corner (2012)
The fourth release by Reed's acclaimed quartet.
"This Corner is at an intersection of Eric Dolphy, Mingus, Art Ensemble of Chicago, and Johnny Griffin - location, location, location!" - Icon
People Places and Things: Stories and Negotiations
People Places and Things: Stories and Negotiations (2010)
Live with Art Hoyle, Julian Priester and Ira Sullivan.
"Editors' Picks, March 1, 2010" - Downbeat
"Top 10 Jazz Albums, 2010" - NPR
"...this stuff is a blast." - Dusted
People Places and Things: About Us
People Places and Things: About Us (2009)
The second in a trilogy of explorations of Chicago jazz past and present.
" favorite group in town..." - Chicago Reader
" deliciously tuneful as free jazz gets..." - JazzTimes
People Places and Things: Proliferation
People Places and Things: Proliferation (2008)
An exhilarating evocation of late-50s post-bop Chicago.
"I don't know if I've enjoyed a jazz album more this year." - Chicago Reader
Rolldown (2008)
140g vinyl LP alternate version
Rolldown (2008)
Document Chicago #14 Adasiewicz's 482 debut as a leader "...immediately brings Blue Note-era Jackie McLean and Eric Dolphy to mind..." - Bagatellen "...a promising debut." - Downbeat
The Soul and Gone
The Soul and Gone (2005)
With Jason Adasiewicz, Jeb Bishop, Jason Mears, Jeff Parker and Jason Roebke
"...clearly a brilliant new composer... one of the most interesting recordings in some time." - All About Jazz - NY
Arrive (2005)
482 mainstay Aram Shelton's long-awaited debut as a leader.
"...will surprise and delight those who might normally avoid such unconventional and nonconformist music." - All About Jazz
Weary Already of the Way
Weary Already of the Way (2003)
Examines cross-currents in improvisation, composition and electronic studio manipulation
"Top Ten 2004" - Marc Chenard, Coda (Canada)
"...moments of great beauty. A fascinating start and a player to watch." - JazzTimes
Out of Season
Out of Season (2004)
The Dave Rempis Quartet
Document Chicago #5
Recorded live at 3030 in Chicago
"Intense and coiled, the quartet meshes perfectly as sound is churned on the turnstiles of a whetted imagination..." - All About Jazz
Rapid Croche
Rapid Croche (2003)
"...a dominant statement...overflows with ultra-rich exciting challenge to seekers of what's new under the sun." -AAJ
New Jazz and Improvisation
New Jazz and Improvisation (2003)
"...a refreshing and essential listen for anyone interested in a sound that could only come from one city." - All About Jazz

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