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Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg has spent time living and working in the creative music communities of the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, and Paris. He has performed extensively in festivals and clubs throughout the United States and Europe and collaborated with Helen Thorington, Eugene Chadbourne, Glenn Spearman, Gino Robair, Pauline Oliveros, Anthony Braxton, Michael Zerang, Chris Brown, Bhob Rainey, Brenda Hutchinson, Jeb Bishop, Marco Eneidi, Maggi Payne, and many others. He has appeard on recordings for New World, Spool Rastascan, Cadence, and Music and Arts. Rosenberg currently resides in Los Angeles.

New Folk, New Blues
New Folk, New Blues (2005)
Scott Rosenberg returns to Chicago to join forces with three of the city's most visible improvisers. "Exhiliarating stuff out of Chicago..." -KZSU Zookeeper "as intense and enjoyable a free jazz album as you’re likely to hear this year." - Paris Transatlantic
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