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Joe Fonda

"There is more to creative mastership than the surface of satisfaction and political certainty. The music of Joe Fonda is part of a living tradition of belief and dedication. Future historians will be surprised at the breadth of Mr. Fonda's offerings. This is a real virtuoso and composer of the highest order." - Anthony Braxton 1996.

Live at the Outpost
Live at the Outpost (2006)
Gebhard Ullmann, Michael Jefry Stevens, Joe Fonda and Gerry Hemingway
Forever Real
Forever Real (2005)
" of jazz/improvised music's most accomplished ensembles."- Cadence. Featuring frequent collaborator Herb Robertson, as well as first-time special guest Napoleon Maddox from IsWhat?!
Spirals: The Berlin Concert
Spirals: The Berlin Concert (2004)
Gebhard Ullmann, Michael Jefry Stevens, Joe Fonda and George Schuller "...swings with a gleeful impetuosity that's hard if not impossible to dislike." - Jazz Times "Spirals is their finest album yet." - Signal to Noise

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