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Jason Stein
Flesh & Bone
Flesh & Bone (2017)
Our first mistake was to trust a stranger...
"...shines its light through a fog of bewilderment and outrage - moving from Mingus-esque miniature arrangements to open-air improvisations to the occasional splash of spoken-word poetry." - The NY Times
It Only Happens at Night
It Only Happens at Night (2011)
Trio improvisations and Sharon Van Etten
"...jagged, beautifully lyrical, and rich in texture.." - Chicago Reader
Wrack:   Intents & Purposes
Wrack: Intents & Purposes (2006)
Documents Bruckmann's first visit to the Chicago scene since leaving for the Bay Area in 2003. "From Morton Feldman-esque minimalism to Charles Ives-like bluster, Wrack has few equals." - All About Jazz
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