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Aram Shelton

Aram Shelton started playing tenor saxophone when he was ten years old, repeatedly enduring the comment "that thing is as big as you are". Later switching to alto, Shelton moved to Chicago in 1999 and has been an active member of the creative music scene. In the past four years he has added clarinet to his arsenal, and as a composer has begun to incorporate electronics into his music. In addition to Rapid Croche, Aram performs with Daisy and Jason Ajemian in Dragons 1976, and with Johnathan Crawford in the duo Grey Ghost. He has performed with Matt Bauder's Weary Already of the Way, The Chicago Improvisers Group, Keefe Jackson's Project Project and Scott Rosenberg's Large Ensemble. He has performed with Guillermo Gregorio, Ken Vandermark, Jeb Bishop, Matt Lux, Jacopo Andreini, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Jeff Parker, Ernst Karel, Doug Scharin, Steven Bernstein, Chris Jonas, Dave Pavkovic, Marc Unternauer, Jim Baker, Josh Abrams, and Todd Margasak.

Rolldown (2008)
140g vinyl LP alternate version
Rolldown (2008)
Document Chicago #14 Adasiewicz's 482 debut as a leader "...immediately brings Blue Note-era Jackie McLean and Eric Dolphy to mind..." - Bagatellen "...a promising debut." - Downbeat
Arrive (2005)
482 mainstay Aram Shelton's long-awaited debut as a leader.
"...will surprise and delight those who might normally avoid such unconventional and nonconformist music." - All About Jazz
Weary Already of the Way
Weary Already of the Way (2003)
Examines cross-currents in improvisation, composition and electronic studio manipulation
"Top Ten 2004" - Marc Chenard, Coda (Canada)
"...moments of great beauty. A fascinating start and a player to watch." - JazzTimes
How to Create Words
How to Create Words (2003)
"...resolutely impressive, experimental and challenging...This is a hell of an album." - Splendidzine
Rapid Croche
Rapid Croche (2003)
"...a dominant statement...overflows with ultra-rich exciting challenge to seekers of what's new under the sun." -AAJ
New Jazz and Improvisation
New Jazz and Improvisation (2003)
"...a refreshing and essential listen for anyone interested in a sound that could only come from one city." - All About Jazz
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