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Nothing, Knowing
Signal to Noise
David Greenberger
As I listen to this CD it's mid-July and unrelentingly hot and humid here in upstate New York. The longest track on Nothing, Knowing is the nineteen minute "Truth Be Bold," and with its cascading lines that define the first several minutes, this is as close as music can come to the relief of running through a lawn sprinkler. This cross-generational trio finds pianist Burk joined by a rhythm section that worked together most noticeably in Gary Burton's group in the sixties and seventies, electric bassist Steve Swallow and Drummer Bob Moses. From the exuberant processional of "Look to the Neutrino" to the gently buoyant and ethereal "Doves" this is a bracing and well-rounded set. Throughout, they dazzle, whisper and invent durable musical constructs from their well-attuned interplay.
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