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Bruce Gallanter

Stirrup features Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello & tenor
guitar, Nick Macri on bass and Charles Rumback on drums. Over the
past few years, there has been handful of fine, diverse releases from
Chicago cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm on the 482 Music & Delmark labels,
as well as collaborations with John Russell, Nate Wooley and Dave
Rempis. Fred has also been leading a couple of different projects
like Seval and now Stirrup. Each of these projects are pretty
different, you might recall that Seval featured a vocalist. Stirrup
includes Charles Rumback who has a disc out on Clean Feed and is in a
duo called Colorlist. Stirrup is a mainly a cello led trio featuring
Lonberg-Holm's distinctive  cello or occasionally tenor guitar
up-front. On "Floating Melody" Fred plays some fine, somber jazz/rock
guitar taking a long, hypnotic restrained solo. There is nice, laid
back vibe on this disc with a number of fine solos from Mr.
Lonberg-Holm throughout. Each piece seems to tell a short story
or create a thoughtful mood and each piece dies a good job of
transporting us to a special place where we float away from the usual
stress of everyday life.

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