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Short List: Jazz
Amsterdam Weekly
Jazz: Mike Reed’s Loose Assembly + The Rempis Percussion Quartet
These groups represent some of the finest post-Ken Vandermark output from Chicago's bustling free jazz scene, and their differences speak of the richness of the musical community there. Drummer Mike Reed draws heavily upon improvisation gambits in the lovely compositions he writes for his quintet Loose Assembly, but he sees the tunes as more than just triggers for his excellent soloists. Alto saxophonist Greg Ward, cellist Tomeka Reid (both impressive young members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), vibist Jason Adasiewicz, and bassist Josh Abrams are infinitely flexible, creating changing instrumental pairings to give the pieces greater orchestral depth. Plus, they're all inspired improvisers too. The strong rapport between saxophonist Dave Rempis and his band - bassist Anton Hatwich and twin drummers Frank Rosaly and Tim Daisy - is enough to shape the combo's all improvised material into satisfying excursions built on fullbore blowing and roiling rhythmic intensity. The most epic material on the group's recent double CD Hunters-Gatherers runs to nearly 30 minutes, and because of all of the twists, turns, and collisions, it never feels too long.
(Peter Margasak) Bimhuis, 21.00, €15.
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