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Vinkeloe / Cremaschi / Masaoka / Robair: Klang. Farbe. Melodie.
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Klang. Farbe. Melodie.
year: 2004   |   cat#: 482-1030


1. An Intimate Detail
2. Poggioli
3. A Klanghausen Flower
4. Minous
5. Ashes & Davns - mp3 sample
6. A Marginal Icon
7. Butter Trail
8. Mr. Humble Opinion
9. The Wing, Covert
10. Pudenda Kyrie
11. Miffles
12. A Futile Box
13. Semantic Substitution

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On each of these relatively brief and finely shaped tracks, Vinkeloe, Cremaschi, Masaoka and Robair jointly cultivate ground that's freshly turned every two to five-and-a-half minutes. Regardless of who plants the first seed, with a gesture, a sound, or perhaps some intuitively detected energetic pulse, the four musicians move into a working relationship with clear and forceful intention. Even as they present each other with spontaneously generated ideas and strategic options and respond in kind with gentle graciousness and fierce focus, each piece develops a biochemistry of its own and becomes the fifth living entity in the creative equation. From the outset, depending on how quickly and openly the listener receives each pluck, scrape, flutter, crash, trill, and rootless evocation, the participation broadens. The making and the hearing announce themselves as a single process.

Musicians: Biggi Vinkeloe (alto sax, flute), George Cremaschi (contrabass), Miya Masaoka (21-string koto), Gino Robair (percussion)

"Top Ten, 2005" — Jazz Review (UK)

"Biggi Vinkeloe hasn’t received nearly as much attention in the States as she has in her native Europe; an odd circumstance for someone who’s played with such heavyweight improvisers as Cecil Taylor and Peter Kowald... Klang. Farbe. Melodie. [is] a set of freely improvised performances that ought to raise her profile considerably." — One Final Note

"a lively, alert and extremely articulate piece of work which I'll be revisiting often" — Jazz Review

"...each of the players has a sense of direction and harmonics... the shared empathy locks in improvisation as each player fathoms the other..." — All About Jazz

"Vinkeloe is a compelling player, very sensitive and attentive. Masaoka and Cremaschi click beautifully, sharing some of the same tonal and melodic ground, while the discerning Robair embellishes their conversation." — JazzTimes

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