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The Treehouse Project: The Picture Show
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The Picture Show
year: 2002   |   cat#: 482-1008


1. Tic Toc - mp3 sample
2. The Party
3. Slow Boat - mp3 sample
4. A Little Pick-Me-Up
5. Tic-Toc Reprise
6. Never One To Complain - mp3 sample
7. A Few Good Men
8. Graduation Day
9. Places Everyone
10. Hold It...Hold It! - mp3 sample
11. The Ugliest Girl Alive
12. Time Out
13. Corsages
14. The Big Top
15. Intermission
16. Curtain
17. The Cocktail Party Effect - mp3 sample
18. The Slow Learners Club
19. A Perfect Fit - mp3 sample
20. Dance Lessons
21. A Place For Us - mp3 sample
22. Last Words
23. Politician
24. Just A Little Loving
25. You Don't Know Me - mp3 sample
26. Child Star - mp3 sample
27. The Dutch Boy
28. Just A Song Before I Go

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The Treehouse Project combines some of Chicago's finest indie and jazz musicians into a thoroughly unique blend of jazz ideology, indie rock attitude and roots music flavor. Their self-titled debut was widely praised by jazz writers.

The Picture Show is an ambitiously conceived and elaborately packaged 3cd set that first sets musical themes and improvisation to and from home photographs, and then pays homage to singer-songwriters, covering artists as diverse as The Handsome Family, Ron Sexsmith and Ray Charles. On stage the music is played in a multi-media show during which the photos to which the themes were created accompany new improvisations. All photos are included in the cd.

Musicians: Ken Champion (pedal steel), Jonathan Doyle (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Mike Reed (drums), Matt Thompson (bass, uke violin), Colin Bunn (guitar) with Brian Anderson (piano), John "Bud" Poston (banjo), Lisa Shrag (harp), Nate Walcott (trumpet)

"Further evidence that the city of Chicago has been spearheading a new jazz renaissance at the dawn of the 21st century...the music is gorgeous, accessible, adventurous, and poetic...a massive undertaking in both breadth and scope... demands to be heard and savored and learned from. Brilliant. *****" — All Music Guide

"Publisher's Pick of the Week" — All About Jazz

"..ambitious, ...remarkably successful...spans an extremely broad range of styles, traveling through sound and image with a fluidity that is almost surreal." — All About Jazz

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