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Casolando: La Sirena
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La Sirena
year: 2000   |   cat#: 482-1004


1. Dulce Amargo
2. Doña Matilde
3. La Gaviota
4. Complicacion
5. Guajira
6. Dilemas Del Amor
7. Christina
8. Llanerita Llanerita
9. Turbina
10. La Lambada
11. El Cielo
12. Facilito
13. La Sirena

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The long-awaited follow-up to 1997's Iliana finds Casolando delivering just what we wanted to hear: the music of Old Latin America, with additional instrumentation and a live, in-the-room production quality that recalls the feel of the Buena Vista Social Club releases. From the opening notes of the gorgeous 'Dulce Amargo' to the plaintive 'Guajira' to the stunning instrumental 'Turbina', this album is about love and dance and musicianship all rolled into one. The title track will take your breath away. La Sirena features guest appearances from Merritt Lear of the Celt-rocker Drovers, and Ross Bergseth from Chicago pop sensations Frisbie.

Musicians: Carlos Ortega (vocals, guitar), Charlie Baran (guitar, vocals), Dave Hiltebrand (6 string and fretless bass), Chuck Sansone (congas and percussion) with Merritt Lear (violin, vocals), Ross Bergseth (trumpet)

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