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Out of Season
Jazz Institute of Chicago
Alain Drouot

Over the years, Chicago has seen the development of an impressive pool of young musicians whose primary focus is improvised music. A myriad of groups has pulled its components from that pool and the Dave Rempis Quartet is one of the latest additions to an already long list. Formed around the saxophonist, it features another Vandermark 5 member, drummer Tim Daisy, bassist Jason Roebke (who recently had an album out with his trio Rapid Croche which also features Daisy) and the underrated Jim Baker, a stalwart of the Chicago scene. The program is comprised of fully improvised pieces which cover a wide range of patterns and forms. The opening track - the first part of a suite that gives its title to the CD - begins as a full-blown improvisation, which has Rempis freely honking and skronking away, before segueing into an a cappella sax section and ending with a slower movement that allows the listener to truly appreciate the way Jim Baker articulates his ideas. “Out of Season - Part II” is also quite indicative of another process used that has one of the musicians inducing participation from the others. Starting with bass explorations - Jason Roebke probing his instrument - the others slowly join in to form what could be conceived as a loose assembly. Then, the music takes a more distinguishable shape as each musician’s contributions gradually fall into place and the playing gains in intensity. From his early days with the Vandermark 5 to the communal Triage, Dave Rempis has kept progressing as a musician and an improviser. Out of Season witnesses his emergence as a band leader. On this recording, he also gets some serious help from Tim Daisy and Jason Roebke who work a solid but malleable background. Not to mention Jim Baker who shines throughout. His introduction to “Out of Season - Part III,” a wonderful blend of blues and romanticism, should not be missed. The label 482 Music should also be commended for doing a fine job at documenting that young Chicago scene and releasing such quality material as the one found here.

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