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The Space Between: The Space Between with Matthew Sperry
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The Space Between with Matthew Sperry
year: 2003   |   cat#: 482-1020


1. Stacia
2. Lila

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Matt and I first met while we were attending the music school at Florida State University. We became roomates in 1990-91 and remained close friends since. I have always been in awe at how warm and kind he was to every person and every living being he encountered! Matt truly lived a very spiritual life that is a model for how the rest of us should live.

Our musical careers grew together from being students to both attaining a certain amount of reputability in the international new music world. Through the years we were duet partners as well as being in numerous trios and larger ensembles together. As friends we saw each other through so many different experiences and relationships, watching and helping each other grow. We inspired each other to begin exploring organic gardening and further our culinary interests from the kitchen to the garden. Matt was someone I always considered a close friend for the rest of my life. You will notice that, on the piece with Matt (Lila), towards the end as a very interesting section is about to begin, the piece is cut short suddenly as the tape ends; a seemingly appropriate way to end this recording.

The Space Between offers this CD as a tribute to the beautiful life that Matthew Sperry lived.

Philip Gelb
June 24, 2003


Track 1: Stacia
The Space Between
Recorded live at The Arts Center in Troy, NY
December 5, 2002 by Scott Smallwood.

Track 2: Lila
The Space Between with Matthew Sperry
Recorded live at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT),
1750 Arch Street in Berkeley, CA
October 16,1999 by David Wessel.

Musicians: Philip Gelb (shakuhachi), Pauline Oliveros (accordion), Dana Reason (piano), Matthew Sperry (bass)

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